The Women’s Life House is a transitional housing program made up of two homes and 15 beds serving women recovering from homelessness, addiction, hunger, trauma, and mental illness. By providing a safe environment to live in, the Women’s Life House mentors and educates women in safe people, goal setting, Biblical Twelve Steps, moods, Life Recovery, and much more.

As a four-phase program, the Women’s Life House is designed to meet women at their crossroads and help them get back on track to living a successful life.

The length of the program varies based upon the needs of each woman we serve and how long it may take them to complete each phase in our program. The completion of Phase Four of our program means graduating from the Women’s Life House. In order to complete the program to its fullest, it takes a minimum of eight months. Women have the opportunity to remain at the Women’s Life House for up to 15 months.

Overall, the Women’s Life House is a program designed to meet the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of women.

250+ Women Served Since 2013

Interested in the Program?

1. Contact our office [260-200-1372] to be connected to our Life House Director.
2. The Life House Director will do a brief phone screening.
3. If the Life House Director believes that the Women’s Life House is a good fit for you and that you are a good fit for the Women’s Life House, an in-person interview and intake will be scheduled.

“There is currently a gap in services for this population. We are seeing women in some desperate situations that put them and their children at risk for a constant cycle through the system and a life of instability. I am currently working with a woman who is unable to pay her bills and support her children due to being unable to find employment and the high cost of housing. A shelter that could help her move forward will keep her from being homeless.”   
– Karen Hinshaw:
County Extension Director, Health & Human Sciences Extension Educator, Purdue Extension Huntington County
“I have worked and served as a bi-vocational pastor for over 14 years. Planting New Life Fellowship Church in 2001 was a huge undertaking. But it’s what God called us to do. God then lead us, as a church, to open a soup kitchen to feed people everyday. Now God has called us to open a women’s shelter. So that’s what we are doing. It’s never been about status, ego, or money. It’s always been about Jesus and it always will be about Jesus.”
Jimi Staton
Pastor of New Life Fellowship Church